Sunchaser Canopy Boat Lift Canopies Fits all brands of old or new boat lifts. Protects your boat more than any other boat lift canopy!
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Universal Boat Lift Canopy

Michigan is the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes. 40 of Michigan's 83 counties touch at least one of the Great Lakes.

Protects your boat more than any other boat lift canopy!

  Sunchaser CanopySunchaser Canopy FAQ

Q: How do I determine which Canopy Model I need to order?
A: Let’s use a Model 24126 as an example. The 24 refers to the length of the canopy frame
and the 126 refers to the length of the bow you need. The chart tells you that your boat lift
beam measurement needs to fall between 106” and 112”.

Q: I have measured my boat lift beam between the uprights. Do you need the measurement from the front (shore end) to the back (lake end)?
A: No. The only measurements we need are the boat lift beam (width) and the ID of the boat
lift uprights.

Q: How many people does it take to assemble a Sunchaser Canopy?
A: One person can assemble the canopy. However, we recommend someone to help for ease of assembly and for safety.

Q: I noticed the carriage bolts for the center strips are stainless steel, but the nuts are brass. Why not stainless?
A: Because stainless on stainless seizes together making it difficult to remove if necessary.
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