Sunchaser Canopy Boat Lift Canopies Fits all brands of old or new boat lifts. Protects your boat more than any other boat lift canopy!
  Why Choose Sunchaser?   The Boat Lift Canopy Designed For All Boat Lifts   Caoted Polyester Fabric  
• Easy To Install & Take Off
• Best Canopy For Boats With   Wakeboard Towers
• Fabric Is More Mildew Resistant   Than Vinyl
• More Colors To Choose From
• No Corners For Birds & Spiders
• Great Price

Sunchaser Boat Lift Canopy

• Lower Inventory Cost (One   Canopy Fits All Brands Of Lifts)
• Easier To Stock Compact   Package
• Easier To Transport To Site
• Easier To Install (Can Be Installed   By One Person)
• Easier To Sell (More Features &   Benefits Than Other Canopies)
The SUNCHASER CANOPY is a quality universal boat lift canopy that fits all brands of old or new boat lifts.Protects your boat more than any other boat lift canopy!
Protects Boats More Than Any Other Canopy
Sun UV Yes Yes
Rain Yes Yes
Birds Yes No
Spiders Yes No
Wind Yes No
Mildew Yes No
Lightweight and Easy To Attach
Weight Light 24' = 20 lbs Heavy 24' = 70 lbs
Attaches With Velcro Rope or Bungees
#1 Canopy for ski boats with wakeboard towers. Fits all brands of lifts and is offered in a wide range of colors.
• The Sunchaser Canopy weighs 1/4th that of vinyl. Using Velcro instead of bungees or rope makes this boat lift canopy a breeze to take on and off each year.
• While all boat lift canopies protect your boat from sun and rain, only the Sunchaser Canopy can prevent the stains caused by bird droppings and mildew.
• The Sunchaser design allows for more air flow and the marine grade fabric breathes, unlike the vinyl materials commonly used on the market today. The benefit to you…no mildew.

ODYSSEY III is a marine and outdoor fabric which is a 6.5 ounce 100% woven polyester fabric. It has an acrylic impregnation-coating and an additional clear acrylic backcoat to enhance its water repellent properties.

ODYSSEY III is strong, lightweight, abrasion resistant, and dimensionally stable. It is used for boat covers, travel covers, canopies, furniture covers, and mooring covers. ODYSSEY III is also widely used for any number of other outdoor cover applications including BBQ grill covers, patio furniture covers, gazebo covers, backpacks, camping equipment, and playground equipment covers. ODYSSEY III is available in 18 vibrant colors.

The boat lift canopy is available in 18 colorsClick Here To View Our Color Chart
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