Sunchaser Canopy Boat Lift Canopies Fits all brands of old or new boat lifts. Protects your boat more than any other boat lift canopy!
Download A Printable PDF Assembly Instructions
Sunchaser Canopy Assembly Instructions

Your Boat Lift Canopy Shipment Includes:
Bundle of Aluminum Side Rails with Reinforcement Strip (s)
Bundle of Canopy Bows
Canopy Legs
Box Which Includes: Canopy Fabric, Velcro and Hardware

Hardware Included as Shown:

3/8" Washers, bolts and nuts
(4) U-brackets
Canopy bow retainers
1"x¼" SS carriage bolts w/brass nuts
(4) Square end plugs
Tools Needed For Assembly:

Allen wrench
7/16" wrench
9/16" wrench
9/16" socket & ratchet
Tape measure

Insert A1 side rail into A2 side rail.
Insert B1 into B2 in same manner.
Secure all joints with allen bolts and square brass nuts.
Join reinforcement strip(s), for
canopy bows, as shown using
the 2 carriage bolts & nuts.
Apply Velcro to the under side of 2 bows.
Before applying Velcro to the side
rails, the rails must be clean and
dry. You may use rubbing alcohol
to clean the surface; using other
cleaners may interfere with the
adhesive on the Velcro. Apply the
Velcro as shown.
Insert square end plugs into side rails tapping in with hammer

Determine how high you want your canopy positioned
above your boat. Insert the legs into the lift uprights
securing them with the 3/8" bolt, washers and nut
making sure the legs are all the same height. Tighten
Place the rail on top of the canopy legs with the Velcro side facing outward.

Mount the U-brackets over the rails
at each of the four legs making sure
not to cover any plug holes. Insert
the 3/8" bolt through the U-bracket
making sure the head of the bolt is
on the Velcro side of the rail. Before tightening the nut, adjust the
positioning of the rail. To make sure
your canopy is square, measure from
the end of the rail to the side of the
U-bracket on each rail.
Install the 2 bows, already with Velcro applied, one on each end of the rails. Insert the bows into the track as shown, aligning the bow hole with the rail hole. Hammer the small black bow retainers to secure. Install the remaining bows in the same manner.
To tie all the bows together, attach the reinforcement strip(s) to the underside of the bows using the 1"x¼" carriage bolts and nuts. Insert the carriage bolt down through the bow tightening the nut against the reinforcement strip.

Now you are ready to install the canopy fabric. Unfold and position the fabric onto the frame with the Velcro side down. Check to be sure the fabric is centered on the frame. The seam(s) down the length of the fabric should align with the reinforcement strip(s). At one end of the frame wrap the fabric under the bow and fasten the Velcro on the fabric securely to the Velcro on the bow. From the other end, pull the fabric tight and wrap and secure the Velcro in the same manner as before. Now you are ready to attach the fabric to the Velcro on the side rails. Lastly, wrap the Velcro tabs around the reinforcement strip(s).

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